Welcome to our website, a gentle place for self-published and small imprint authors and poets to promote their works and a cozy nook for serious literature fans to find out what indy-lit is all about!
Every Wednesday rain or shine we’ll post a blog on a variety of topics.  Today’s blog is gonna be the only blatantly commercial blog allowed.  We got poems, we got politically incorrect essays, we got adult-oriented vignettes, we got Sunrise Homilies. We may even have guest blogs from celebrities, although Donald Trump won’t be in the mix.  His thoughts seem to be limited to 140 characters or less.
Our website may experience a hiccup from time to time.  We’ve only just begun.  As an apology in advance and as a means of compensating our pioneer members for putting up with anticipated glitches we’re offering discounted prices on all of our services until the first of May.  The services, however, will be delivered in a purely professional manner.  Check out the services list for details.
“What you see is what you get” for the time being.  Down the road we plan to offer an intelligent engine that’ll match readers’ alleged tastes to author-supplied book profiles.  Reader-class members will be encouraged to critique books they’ve read.  That added feedback will further refine the process of classifying a particular work.
Browsers and furtive lurkers are welcome to squeeze the tomatoes and fondle the cabbages although we won’t bother to assemble reading profiles for them or ask them to give us their considered opinion as to the relative merits of a particular oeuvre listed on this august site.
Further down the road we’ll have an escrow account comprised of a percentage of revenue from our services and membership fees which will be divided among registered users on their anniversary, both authors and readers, depending on their level of participation in this website.
Above all it’s your website.  Nikki and I built it and we hope to make it better and better as time goes by.  But it’s only the participation of members that’ll make this a world class place to hunker down on the web and savor the pleasure that only a lovely read delivers.

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