The vision Nikki and I had for the website has evolved considerably since its inception. What we had in mind originally was a sophisticated guild, comprised of artisans and their faithful adherents who would be eager to pay an annual fee to participate in the inimitable benefits offered by the guild. What we discovered was that the artisans had a commercial bent. In short they wanted to sell their books. Not necessarily to the erudite elite who were uniquely qualified to appreciate their talent. They just wanted to sell their books.

Enter the Guest. A guest doesn’t have to register as a member to enjoy the fruits of our labor. A guest can browse through the shelves and pick out whatever book matches his or her taste. Guests are really important to us because they buy books. Readers are still really important to us because they rate the books so other readers and authors can select books based on their preference profiles. Authors are really important to us because they write the books.

So here’s the new way things work.  Authors and readers will never pay a fee to be members.  We hope to support the website through fairly-priced services offered to members.  You no longer even have to register as a member to take advantage of the website.  We realized some people don’t like to give out their email address because of identity theft issues.  So now we have four classes of users:

Guests who can browse through a list of registered books and posted videos, search for book by author name and utilize the Turbo Tables, as well as read the blogs, visit sponsors and contact us.  A Guest session, however, times out after 24 minutes of inactivity.

Readers who, in addition to the privileges enjoyed by a Guest, can review books, set preference profiles so when they browse the library the selection of registered books presented matches their tastes, schedule any of our service offerings and post their favorite books to the O.W.L.S table (Orphans, Widows and Lost Souls).  A registered member’s session never times out.

Authors who, in addition to the privileges enjoyed by a Guest or a Reader, can provide a bio and a pic, can register their own books on the website so they can be searched for by author first name, author last name or book title, can post a video of them (or someone else) reading a passage from their book, and can provide a synopsis plus links to purchase pages for e-books or print books.

Sponsors who, in addition to the privileges enjoyed by Guests, readers and authors, are allowed to provide a link to their own webpage(s)

We sincerely believe the new focus of the website is what our members and guests want and deserve. Your feedback continues to be very important to us. Without your guidance we wouldn’t have made the changes we did. And this is just the beginning. But remember. It’s still your website. Your wishes are our commands. And your opinions will always determine the direction we move in. Welcome Valued Guests!

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