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Don’t get too comfy yet. The tour isn’t quite yet finished.  We have a few more hallways to stroll down and then you can go back to checking out the wares.  One of my favorite doors is the one leading to the Turbo Tables rooms.

We decided to set up a few tables to hold a select array of books, chosen by Authors or Readers, which stand out from the crowd in one way or another.  The contents of the Turbo Tables will change nightly.  There are seven Turbo Tables. I’ve already mentioned the O.W.L.S table, filled with books that have changed your life but which may never become sufficiently popular as to illuminate the lives of others.  Did you know John Kennedy Toole’s mother spent sixteen years following his suicide persuading publishers to accept his work “A Confederacy of Dunces?”  Not every Author has such a dedicated angel!

Authors can put one or more of their books on one or more of four other Turbo Tables (Bargain Books, Genre-Bender Books, Award Winning Books or Politically Incorrect Books) for a period of five days for a modest fee.  Two other tables (Recently Registered Books and Most Popular Books) should be self-explanatory.

You’ll eventually be able to Search the entire property by Author name, Book Title or fragment thereof or ISBN.  Eventually we hope our Petite Chalet attracts several Sponsors who like what we’re doing and want a chance to let our members know what they’ve got to offer.  Maybe with a small discount tossed in.

And finally there’s the Contact Us toggle that takes you to a room where you can praise, criticize, rant and rave or just say hi to me and Nikki.  We appreciate your help in making this a special place where all are welcome.  Enjoy!

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