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Now that you’re registered and we’ve gotten to know you better, go ahead and click on the Home button and you’ll be magically transported back to the lobby of this gem of a retreat.  Or you can go straight from the Hall of Services to other hallways that lead to the reading rooms.  Those hallways are marked Videos and Books.

Both hallways lead to Genre rooms.  We’ve arbitrarily divided the literary universe into nine Genres plus a catch all called Others.  If our members prefer Genres other than the nine we’ve chosen, we can always adapt.  After all Nikki and I may be the architects but we didn’t go to all this trouble to make a place we liked.  We want it to be a place where you feel comfortable as well.

The Videos label may seem out of place for a reading room but here’s the deal.  A specific Video room is a place you can go to watch videos in a particular Genre that visually portray one or more aspects of an Authors’ works.  The Author works with SLI to produce a reading or a narrative that in some way captures the essence of the oeuvre.  It could be as simple as a reading of the first chapter of a novel or as complex as a travelogue that whisks the viewer off to Vietnam for a tour of the countryside where the battles took place.

The Books rooms are a bit more traditional.  They contain shelf after shelf of books, likewise divided into our nine plus Genres.  Don’t expect all the shelves to be filled at first.  We’ve got to get our Author-members on board before we can stock the shelves. Down the road a piece we’ll be able to match your tastes with books that have just come in.  But we have to walk before we can run.  Bear with us during this challenging period of growth.  I promise it’ll be worth it.

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