Hello World! Yup I know that’s cheesy but I think it’s a tradition when you open the doors to the public for the first time. Kinda like busting a bottle of champagne across the bow of your new boat. The website is finally ready for visitors. Building it was a labor of love. And a good thing, too, because had it not been for the love part I woulda given up long ago.
Nikki and I had a dream that we could help thousands of self-published and small imprint authors and poets bring their works to the attention of a literature-starved audience. Readers who’d appreciate their special talents and unique point of view. It started out as a venue for my stuff but then we thought: heck, if we can build a website to showcase my books, we can build one for the whole world.
So now it’s done and you’re welcome to come visit. Bear in mind that in order to savor the essence of the website you have to become a member. No cost to Readers to join. Readers are, after all, our lifeblood. During March there’s a modest fee for Authors to join plus an even modester fee to register their books. In April the fees go up a smidgen and our Services become available (Videos, Book Covers, Blogs, Websites and Facebook Pages). Then in May we go to full pricing.
We hope you enjoy what we’ve put together. From this point forward it’s your website. Let’s make it a great one! Cheers! Russ and Nikki

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