You have to be a little nuts to write a blog.  It’s not that preparing, polishing and posting a once-a-week-blog is particularly soul-wrenching or even takes a lot of time.  But it is demanding.  Heck, anything you’re obliged to do on a regular schedule is demanding, even if it does stroke your own self-satisfied little ego.

I think the problem with blogging from the blogger’s point of view is that the devoted public’s always eager to be entertained whereas on occasion the blogger just wants to sleep in.  Skip breakfast.  Neglect to slather sun screen on his nose. Watch some mindless Texas Holdem poker on the TV being played by a bunch of kids who don’t know Shakespeare from Sally Fields or Strawberry Fields for that matter. Not to mention that one of these casually-dressed, post-pubescent, idiot savants is at present shoving a teetering stack of chips into a pot that already contains more cash than this blogger expects to acquire in a lifetime, betting on a pair of sevens. But I digress.

Writing stuff is hard.  Writing stuff that seems spontaneous but is in fact cleverly crafted from random raw material is hard and time-consuming; gut-wrenchingly hard and mind-bogglingly time-consuming. Fortunately the blogger in question is retired and is furthermore fervently devoted to his fawning public.  Like many of the more interesting characters on Downton Abbey he has spent his life in service to others: to parents, to siblings, to wives, to children, to clients, to superiors and to an abundance of bar buddies whose after-work intellectual pursuits centered on a scattering of TV sets playing and replaying endless football games in season.

As I said when I first embarked on this self-indulgent voyage of intemperate rhetoric, the primary purpose of a blog should be to entertain and to inform.  If there’s a commercial motivation it must be well concealed behind an amusing display of prancing sheep or twirling dinner plates.  To that end I will endeavor to exceed the expectations of my (hopefully!) growing horde of followers.  No holds will be barred.  Conventional wisdom will be upstaged by impertinent impropriety.  No social custom will go unbroken.  Political correctness will be left to languish at the threshold of each and every blog.  Sound the gong and let the games begin.

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